randstech STRATEGY & COVID-19

We are living incredibly special times. Tough times that are putting our sector to the test. We are seeing how customers’ behaviors have changed, some technologies have been adopted extremely fast and new commercial strategies have saved traditional approach businesses.

All these changes have impacted the sector and they have also impacted randstech. One of our strategy pillars has always been to install our projects with our own technicians, not only because of the skills of our team but also because of the careful handling and the weight of our cookers, benches and cabinets. If you have ever tried to lift one of our benches you will rapidly understand what we mean. For this reason, we deliver our benches in blocks and we mount them in the building site.

With the travel restrictions imposed in every country, to send our technicians it has become a challenge; sometimes impossible. This new scenario has forced us to rethink our strategy. The last 2 projects we delivered in Norway were installed by the customers themselves and with excellent results.

To make this new paradigm possible, three areas have been redefined:

  • The way we make the layouts
  • The way we produce our elements
  • And the instructions to have our elements installed

If we plan an installation without our technicians, we need to define the layout to avoid too long or too complicated benches which would imply cutting and welding processes in the building site. We produce “1 block” benches that the customer just needs to download and place in the right location. No need of cutting and welding.

Obviously, the customer needs a higher level of guidance to let their local industrials correctly install our benches. For this reason, we have developed instruction manuals totally adapted to each project that explain step by step, in a very graphic way, how to proceed to get a successful installation. In addition, we are supervising the installation with video conference tools like Skype.

As in every new process, we were a little concerned about this new way of installing our projects but after 2 successfully installed projects (GADUS and PIKANT) we realize that, in case of need, we can use this alternative.