Recommendations to choose the professional kitchen for a restaurant

“Once you have decided to create your restaurant, not only the location and the characteristics of the site are critical but also the choice of the […]”

[…] vendor of your professional kitchen. If the kitchen does not work it is very difficult to make your restaurant successful.

Functionality, ergonomics, capacity, cleaning easiness, compliance with hygiene regulations, durability, design and quality are some of the key aspects to study when choosing a professional kitchen.

Everything your professional kitchen must have to be the perfect choice

In this selection process, to save money and headaches, it is essential to put your trust in a professional company which designs professional kitchens, which listens to your needs and understands the way you work. A specialized company and with proven experience knows how to organize your kitchen respecting the architectonic limitations of the site and the hygiene regulations.

In their proposal of layout they will take into account your budget, the number of guests in the restaurant, the way your chefs work, how the goods are delivered, how the rubbish away is taken away, how the waiters get access to the dining room and how to integrate the kitchen in the project developed by the interior designer for the dining room. The kitchen for a gastronomic restaurant does not have the same needs as a place for snacks or breakfasts or as a production kitchen. It is obvious that the parameters are also very different if you plan an open kitchen or a kitchen not visible for the guests.

Quality vs durability in the world of the professional kitchens

After this teamwork process with the professional kitchen company, you will get the optimal layout. Then you will need to decide the quality of the elements you want to use and if your budget can afford it. Logically, you must find the balance to use your money wisely. For instance, some customers prefer to invest more money in the cooking areas which are visible to the guests and to invest less in more hidden areas like dishwashing and preparation zones.

Better quality materials will provide a longer life to your kitchen and they will avoid frequent breakdowns which will negatively affect your daily operation and which will erode your economic margin.

Gas or electricity for your professional kitchen?

Spain, a country with a long tradition cooking on gas and with a high cost of electricity, the trends is still to ask for a gas cooker. In other European countries, more concerned about environment and with a more interesting cost of electricity, the induction is more spread. Again, it will be the building site (maybe there is not enough electrical capacity) and the cooking style of the chef which lead to the most convenient decision.

The power and precision of the current inductions rival without problems with gas elements. Many chefs choose a mixt cooker, with gas burner and inductions.

Anyway, when choosing a professional kitchen, it is highly recommended to call for an expert advice. It is the best way to succeed on one of the fundamental decisions when creating your restaurant.