Taverna d’El Foment

Project details

La Taverna d’El Foment in the old quarter of Girona, is one of the spaces within the gastronomic branch of El Foment a culinary project focused on working with local products and local suppliers that use labeling in Catalan. In addition, La Taverna wants to be a platform to spread the knowledge of the culture and tradition of the Catalan Countries, their products and their suppliers, who take care of the quality and excellence of everything they do.

This project was quite a challenge, as we had a small space to design a kitchen and the office to serve 100 dinners. The kitchen area has a cooking zone, with 2 burners, 1 plancha, 1 grill, 1 double fryer and 1 compact oven and cooling benches. The cold dishes are entirely tailor-made with the remote refrigeration units installed on the roof of the building. Dishwashing and glass washing area includes a tailor-made table, shelves and 2 basket dishwashers of 50, one for the dishes and the other for glass. The project was completed with a fully equipped office area with 1 ice maker, beverage refrigerators and tailor-made benches.