Nodee Sky

Project details

Located on the 13 floor of a skyscraper at Bjorvika quarter in Oslo, NODEE SKY is a wonderful restaurant with breathtaking views, a magnificent terrace and 2 high standing bars, one of them on the 14 floor. The biggest hurdle in the installation of this project was the wind. A giant crane needed 2 days to lift and drop our benches. In the center of the kitchen we delivered an 550cm long electrical tailor-made cooker with a special shape to follow the wall of the building. In the cooker we integrated 1 set of 4 inductions, a set of 2 inductions, 2 induction woks, 2 electrical fryers and a dim sum boiler. At both sides of the cooker we proposed working refrigerated and neutral benches and 2 separated pass areas (one hot and one cold) empowered with double-shelves hung to the ceiling. The kitchen was completed with a mobile station with a robata grill built-in. On the same floor and the floor above we also delivered 2 luxury tailor-made bars.