Maaemo ***

Project details

Esben Holmboe Bang, the chef at MAAEMO, had a very clear idea in mind: 2 kitchens limited and separated by glass walls. These 2 tailor-made kitchens were a real challenge: difficult access through narrow stairs, need of cranes, benches in contact with glass walls, sun effect on glass walls with benches in the other side, top quality materials and plenty of details. RANDSTECH kitchen design process was key to optimize space and ensure ergonomy and functionality. Every day a team of 15 chefs works efficiently in the limited space of the restaurant kitchen. In the chef’s kitchen, dedicated to research and development and also for private dining, we provided a compact and functional solution. MAAEMO is the only Norwegian restaurant with 3 MICHELIN stars, it is considered as an INTERNATIONAL MASTERCLASS by the WHITE GUIDE NORDIC and it is ranked among the 100 best restaurants of the world by the magazine RESTAURANT.