Project details

When we met Christopher Haatuft, the rocking chef at LYSVERKET, we never thought how fun a project could be. This talented chef with very a fresh and original vision, wanted an intermediate pass: a pass between the cooking area and the final pass. The kitchen we proposed was the result of long conversations to marry his American concepts (he worked at Per Se) and our European approach. The wall cooker includes 2 sets of 4 inductions, 1 integrated bain-marie, a charcoal open grill and 2 buckets to keep spoons in water. The intermediate pass has 2 refrigerated benches with built-in salad-chefs, 1 bucket for spoons, 1 set of drawers and 1 sink. We also provided the preparations area and the pastry area. Also the installation process pretty “rock & roll”. Check it by yourselves by playing the video.